History of Greek Dance

Kardaris Dionisis
SSE Printing Publishing
Athens, 2012
Code 2111


The main idea and the orientation of the book is to present chronologically those elements that are believed to be indispensable in order for the perennial historical progress of Greek dance to be understood. The study is based on published bibliography, archives, trevellers' texts, articles and studies in journals, and is complemented by rich photographic material. The history of dance which is described in the book dates back to ancient Greece and ends in university faculties and bodies dealing with the preservation and dissemination of our dancing heritage. The present book has been printed in the Military Academy of Cadets' print shop and will be distributed in the first-year Cadets starting from September 2012, to be used for the theoretical part of their compulsory subject "Greek Traditional Dance", while a sufficient number of copies will be distributed to university libraries. According to the writer, this book being a piece of chronologically archived knowledge, will be a very useful tool in the hands of students of the Military Academy, as well as of researchers and friends of Greek dance in general.