Dancing Searches in Zakynthos


Kardaris Dionisis
Entypo, Zakynthos, 2006

The "dancing searches" is the result of lengthy research and study, based on archival-review of the literature on fieldwork with participant observation and recording of traditional dances of the island.

This book investigated the temporal course of the dance phenomenon and asked to see the dance repertoire, and the factors which influenced the creation of a catalyst and create dance "consciousness" in terms of the inhabitants.

Additionally, investigated in detail the endogenous and exogenous effects that accept traditional dances through the social transformations and social changes in the process of social becoming.

Reflected in the monograph also structural and typological analysis of Zakynthos dances and notation in the international system of Laban.

The monograph also accompanied by musicalscores of dances edited exceptional musicologistsand a DVD with the dances of the island, as presented by the respective dance groups that have the ability to teach and present the author.