Kinetic Creativeness


Bournalli Nitsa
Athens, 2002
ISBN 960-91887-0-2

The aim of the book is to present the worth of creativeness and the potential of its development and expression through a special program of physical education.
Chapter Ι tries to determine creativeness, and give emphasis how important it is and explain the necessity to cultivate it to children and also the possibility of improvement through the physical education class.
In chapter ΙΙ, is described the creation of a special program for the development of childs creativeness through the physical education class, in which, because of the nature of the class it is expressed with movement and defined as Creative Movement.
In chapter ΙΙΙ, 30 classes of the special program which can be teached to every age differentiated and applied to the cognitive, emotional and psychokinetic characteristics of the children. In each class are analyzed the partial aims and the content and there is evaluation for each exercise separately