Cretan Dance. Art & Physical Exercise


Aligizakis Agisilaos
Sistron, Heraklio, 2005

Folk Cretan dance has statement of soul and not a mean of personal show. This presupposes learning of dance ethics.
Right teaching of Cretan dance to young dancers, far from the learning of dance movements with techniques that are referred in the book, it also has to include and the teaching of the Cretan culture and folklore.
The principles of athlete medicine that are described in this book can help to the better learning, teaching and performance of folk dances. Mechanic και kinetic analysis its only the beginning of scientific research that follows.
By ending this book we must give emphasis that far from the historical and artistic value, folk Cretan dance is a natural movement and for this reason it constitutes an exceptional physical exercise for the reservation and the improvement of physical condition to people of all ages.