Dance in Zakynthos through the political-Social history from Venetian Domination (1485) to 1925


Kardaris Dionisis
Entypo, Zakynthos, 2005
ISBN 960-86688-2-4

This research studies dance as a phenomenon in life of Zante citizens as an expression of cultural creativeness through course of the political-social history of the island and especially through the social layers that were formed as an expression of social lining up, the chronicle period 1485 -1925. It is about a Historical-Ethnographical research that is ambitious in offering knowledge to the science of dance by researching dance as a social-political expression through a specific space-time.
Dance as a cultural event accompanied all the historical events of Zante citizens. Finally, it seems that its the memory of the society that keeps and gives the knowledge and the history. As a result of this phenomenon, dance will pass through different formation, differentiation and evolution stages, always based on the social layers that was expressing but also the chronicle that was taking place.