Brotherhood Agia Paraskevi Konitsas “Kerasovo”

The Adelphotis (Brotherhood) of Agia Paraskevi Konitsas “ Kerasovo” was founded in 1959 by a group of people originating   from the village but living in Athens. It is a non-profit cultural association and its purpose is to strengthen the ties of the members, to contribute to the preservation and the dissemination of our cultural heritage and to promote development proposals for our village, our roots.

   Until now, after a half century of history, Adelphotis work is very satisfactory. It has built a guesthouse in the village, publishes a quarterly magazine, maintains a web page under the address and organizes cultural and social activities throughout the year in the village as well as in Athens. Some of these are: the cultural events "Kerasovitika" which take place every summer in the village, voluntary blood donations for the Blood Bank, traditional dance lessons, naturalist excursions in Smolikas mountain etc. Adelphotis has in its disposal 30 traditional dancing costumes for males and females,and also supports a choir of  traditional songs. In 2010 the Folklore Museum was opened and housed in the old school of the village with over 500 exhibits, all objects of our popular culture.

   Lately, the basement of the hostel was aesthetically modified into a recreation area for the women of the village. In 2015,an annex in Ioannina under the name " Adelphotis (Brotherhood) Kerasoviton in Ioannina"- “Smolikas”,is functional and started to offer courses for traditional dance.

   The Adelphotis (Brotherhood) is managed by a five-member Board and has its own office in Kamatero Attica, at 21 Smolikas street.