Dance group of Agria & Drakeia

The traditional dance group of municipal community of Agria and Drakeia operating since 1976 have as a goal the scientific study of dance, research, promotion and the highlighting of cultural heritage of the wider area of Pelion and N. Sporades and also the rest of Greece.


   The traditional dance group of municipal community of Agria- Drakeia is a member of the International Dance Council (CID UNESCO), under the auspices of UNESCO and the theater Dora Stratos, from which it received honorary distinction in 2011.

   A special report of the traditional dance groups and also for the biggest community celebration of Agria '' Night Fishing'' is made in a book called '' The world of Greek dance'' (published in 1985), by Mr. Alkis Raftis ( president of the theater  Dora Stratou and member of the Bureau of International Organization of Folk Art UNESCO).

   It has collaborated with great personalities of folk music and of our country's tradition such as Domna Samiou, Simon Karas, and also with great traditional music orchestras (xalkina Goumenissas, Eptasimo etc).

   It organizes festivals with traditional dance groups of Greece, international festivals in which European countries (Slovakia, Serbia, Roumania, etc.) participate and an annual conference for the celebration of International Dance Day where Agrias and Drakeias' schools participate.

   It revives the traditions and the customs of the wider area of Pelion keeping them alive in order to pass these traditions from generation to generation (Agios Ioannis o kleidwnas, Christmas carols with daouli and zournas, Koudounades on Apokries, Lazarines on Easter, traditional festivals, Night Fishing on Agria).

   It participates in musical performances inside and outside of Greece winning awards   in order to present our cultural heritage.

   It has a wardrobe of traditional costumes from many areas of Greece (Skopelos, Pelion, Gida Roumlouki, Metsovo, Thassos, Roumeli, Desphina, Rodes, Trikeri).

   Responsible dance teacher is the physical education teacher, Mr Konstantinos Moutos