"Horos" is a union with central aim the individuality. It empowers behaviours and actions that involve balance, serenity, harmony, therapy and the development of the individual through a holistic approach.

It supports the co-existence of the spiritual, emotional and physical nature of human hypostasis. It seeks to identify paths through which the spiritual, emotional and physical being could live in concord, while communicating with modern society.

The activities that take place within "Horos" are divided in two sectors:
- The therapeutic sector (Supplementary Therapies)
- The sector of exercise and expression (Holistic Implementations).

Supplementary Therapies
By the term supplementary therapy  we mean the natural therapeutic techniques which supplement and enhance traditional medicine by offering assistance for relaxation and pain relief, as well as curing bodys diseases, affections and inbalances.
These natural therapeutic techniques include reflexology, acupuncture and advisory nutrition.

Holistic Implementations
The union "Horos" focuses on practical/movement classes that aim at reinforcing personal expression. Ultimately, it aims at developing a communication between bodys conceptual and emotional nature.


Therefore,  "Horos" offers classes of supplementary conditioning such as Pilates, Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Nidra Yoga and contemporary dance classes that promote ways and techniques in which students can learn more effectively from their practical work.
The contemporary dance classes borrow techniques from modern and ballet dance by applying them to individuals natural way of moving. The fundamental aim is to exercise the body through various movement phrases and sequences, leading to small dance compositions that evolve within space.