«omad@nce» request is to rehearse dance shows through which the artists can express their motions with body movements. There are three important reasons that fill in the purpose of this group:

A) conservation and the continuance of neoclassical group that suffers last years and especially in Greece.

B) The creation of a permanent band not smaller than 10 people. It’s a trying of creating and continuance of a band like the «Experimental Metsi Ballet», which stopped on 1966.

C) The attraction of young people is based on the technique of classical dance.

«omad@nce» was created on February 2004. The chorographer Pierre Tavernier and E.Aonaki that manage Studio Metsio, home of omad@nce , aim consciously to the promotion of the group to festivals and cultural events. The most important aim is not the profit but the spreading of art of neoclassical dance and the contact of the team to the audience. Pierre Tavernier after long year and hearty devotion to dance notes that: «dance is the art of the total and unique emotion of precondition. “His willing is with clear soul”.

Performances omad@nce :
2004 «Inspiration Charlie».
2005 «RAMEAU 60 S  Baroque n roll»
2006 «VocAlphaBallet» (not presented yet)