9th Volume


Special Issue of the Journal "Science of Dance"



Collective volume


Scientific Editing:       Goulimaris Dimitris

The music and dance are two facets of Greek culture that strongly contributed to the configuration. The study and their promotion contribute to our self-awareness process that is the basis for overcoming the crisis. A crisis that has various implications beyond the material dimension.


The aim of the collective volume is to promote the importance of the role and potential of music and dance at the Greek culture and the study of musical and dance practices in Greece.



1. The Dance Studies in Greece. Trends and Prospects.

    Goulimaris D.

    Περίληψη          Abstract          PDF File


2. “We Belong to the West or in the East?”: Dialectical Relationship in Shaping the

    Identity of Dance in Greece.

    Zografou M.

    Περίληψη          Abstract          PDF File


3. The Music-Dance ‘Hip Hop Culture’. From Expressing Margins of Society to

    Commercialization and International Social Assimilation

    Tyrovola V. K. 

    Περίληψη          Abstract          PDF File


4. Anthropological approaches to the study of culture in Greece:

    Re-defining the relationship between dance, place and the people.

    Manos I. 

    Περίληψη          Abstract          PDF File


5. The First Steps: Ballet on the Modern Greek Stage

    Α. Xepapadakou

    Περίληψη          Abstract          PDF File


6. Οur Own Others: Popular Gypsy Music, Popular Gypsy Musicians and the Political

    Economy of Affect

    A. (Sissie) Theodosiou

    Περίληψη          Abstract          PDF File


7. Cultural Studies and ELP 40: Brief History and Theoretical Aspects

    Lekkas, D. E.

    Περίληψη          Abstract          PDF File


8. Musical Analysis of Traditional Music of Greece “In Dialogue”

    Theodosopoulou I.

    Περίληψη          Abstract          PDF File


9. Opera Educational Programs in Greece. A Case Study for the Greek National Opera


    Xanthoulis N.

    Περίληψη          Abstract          PDF File


10. From the folk song and the rebetiko to "Never on Sunday"

     and "Zorba’s” Syrtaki

    Dalianoudi R.

    Περίληψη          Abstract          PDF File


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