7th Volume

Special Issue of the Journal "Science of Dance"


Collective volume


Scientific Editing:       Antoniou Panagiotis

                                      Goulimaris Dimitris


The publication aims to present technological applications that support dance as cognitive object and motivate readers to develop relevant skills.

Approaching a wider perspective the area of dance we find that the staffing of the area need to assimilate modern technological applications that will help in improving the dance activities. Often people involved in dance mainly focused on practical training neglecting other procedures and "tools" impacting on dance procedure as technology.

The object of the issue is to approach theoretical and practical application of new technologies in the cognitive object of dance. The objective is to implement technological solutions to teaching, organization, management and processing parameters of dance.


1. Information Technologies in Traditional Dance Analysis

    Dimitropoulos K., Kitsikidis A. & Grammalidis N.

          Περίληψη          Abstract          PDF File

2. The Video in Teaching Dance. The Approach of YouTube.

    Antoniou P.

        Περίληψη          Abstract          PDF File

Biomechanical Approach to Traditional Greek Dance: Methods and Technology

    Aggeloussis Ν.

          Περίληψη          Abstract          PDF File

Digital Games for Entertainment - Exercise and Dance

    Antoniou P.

          Περίληψη          Abstract          PDF File

5. Dance Activities and Distance Learning

    Goulimaris D.

          Περίληψη          Abstract          PDF File

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