4th Volume


1st National Conference on Dance and Music
"Pontos and Asia Minor:
Their contribution to the Preservation, Dissemination and Development
of Greek Culture "


Saturday, October 31 & Sunday, November 1, 2009


1. Dance Practices of Minor Asia Greeks’: Ideology, Conflicts & Incorporations
  Zografou M.
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2. Secondary Organizations of Micrasian Greeks:

    Their Contribution in the Development in Cultural Activities.
    Goulimaris D.
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3. Configuration and Negotiation of the Dancing Identity of the Greeks of Pontos
   Kelesidis P.
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4. Greek Pontus in European Dramatic and Melodramatic Production:
  King Mithridates and its Political Connotations
  Plemmenos I.
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5. The Redemptive Nature of Suffering in Pontiac & Near East Song
  Tsitsigkos S.
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