3rd Volume

   Original Research Papers



1. Dance Therapy and Traditional Dance Practices
   Panagiotopoulou E., Zografou M., Bournelli P., Lidaki A.
   Περίληψη        Abstract        PDF File


2. Tradition and Folklore in Greek Traditional Dance: The Case of
    Milia Dance in Lefkada

    Koutsoumpa M. I.
    Περίληψη        Abstract        PDF File


3. Dance in Proverbs: A First Approach
    Panopoulou K., Zografou M.
    Περίληψη        Abstract        PDF File


4. Melody, Rhythm & Dance. A Different Methodological Proposal in the
    Approach of Dance Style

    Tyrovola V.
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5. Orcheses the Thracian: The Development of the Musical and
    Dance Rhythms of Thrace from the Antiquity to Today.

    Serbezis V., Panagopoulou V.
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