2nd Volume

   Original Research Papers

1. The Effect of Interval Aerobic and Greek Traditional Dances Programs, on the Mood and
    Physical Condition of Adult Women.

  Genti M., Serbezis V., Douda E., Kouli O.
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2. The Perceived Constraints Participation Factors in Greek Traditional Dances.
  Goulimaris D., Fillipou F. Kottis I., Genti M.
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3. Structural-Morphological and Typological Analysis in the Study of Greek Folk Dance. The
    Paradigm of the Motifs of "Sta Dyo" and "Sta Tria" Dances
to the Cretan Dances
  Τyrovola V., Koutsouba M., Tabaki A.
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 Critical Presentations

4. The “Art of Dance” in Education: The Midway Model and its Importance in Teaching Dance
  Tsouvala M.
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  Texts Republication

5. Η Επίδραση των Παραδοσιακών και Φολκλορικών Διαδικασιών στη Γνώση και την
    Προτίμηση του Ελληνικού Παραδοσιακού Χορού

  Dimas I., Vagenas G., Giosos I.
 Physical Education Sport Health vol 14-15, November 2003, pp. 15-28
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