1st Volume


    Original Research Papers



1. Womanly Dances in the Hellenic Antiquity
    Kapoutsi P., Albanidis E., Serbezis V., Goulimaris D.
    Περίληψη        Abstract            PDF File

2. The “Closed and Open” Communities: An Important Factor Determining the
    Local Dancing Repertoire. The Paradigm of Zakynthos
    Kardaris D., Paxinos Th.
    Περίληψη        Abstract           PDF File

3. The Influence of Greek Traditional Dances, Aerobic and Strength Conditioning, on
    Psychological Mood in Adult Women with and Without Chronic Disease.

    Serbezis V., Kouli O., Vasiliou A.
    Περίληψη        Abstract           PDF File

4. The Contribution of Laban’s Dance Notation Systems to the Teaching of Greek Folk Dance

    Koutsouba M.
    Περίληψη        Abstract           PDF File

5. Shamanism, Dionysiasm, Orphism and Pythagorism: The Invisible Sides of Music and Dance

    Tyrovola V.
    Περίληψη        Abstract           PDF File


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